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If you’re considering a security system for your home or business premises for the first time, you may well be wondering which is the best route for you and whether you need a burglar alarm or a CCTV system. You may even be asking yourself if you need both.

Likewise, those wishing to upgrade or bolster their home or business security will often question whether it’s worth adding another element such as CCTV security when a working intruder alarm is already in place. As you can imagine, this is a dilemma that many customers are faced with so, we’re here to share a few tips and opinions based on our years of experience. Read on for our suggestions and expert advice…

Intruder alarms

An intruder alarm or burglar alarm is often the first port of call for homeowners and businesses who want to safeguard and secure their property. They’re a common site in streets around the country and a tried and tested security measure.

Modern burglar alarms are also very sophisticated with features such as remote monitoring and police alerts available. Features such as pet sensors, which ensure that your dog or cat can’t accidently set the alarm off when you’re not home, chimes when doors open and key fob on/off settings means they’re also a comfortable, convenient and easy to operate choice.

A burglar alarm can act as a deterrent to burglars. In addition to the door chimes which alert you if a door in your property has been opened, the bell box on the exterior of your property will emit a high-pitched alert should the alarm be set. This bell box is a clear warning sign to any would-be intruders, clearly communicating to them that you have a security system in place.


CCTV has been around for years but, it’s evolved at such a rapid pace that today’s modern CCTV systems bear almost no resemblance to the early models. A CCTV system uses a network of cameras, placed at strategic locations around your property to record movement. This means it can capture any criminal activity, providing evidence for further action such as prosecution.

A modern CCTV system is much more than just a reactive tool however. Monitored systems, which are connected to an external monitoring centre, can alert an operator when movement is detected to allow for warnings to be emitted via loud speakers or emergency services to respond.

Even non-monitored systems come equipped with app access, so you can log in at any time, from anywhere and view your property. Grainy images too are a thing of the past, with modern CCTV cameras recording in higher definition for easy facial recognition. Of course, all of these advances make a property protected by CCTV a much less enticing prospect for criminal activity. They are therefore an excellent deterrent and, should the worse happen, can provide key evidence against perpetrators.

So do you need both?

The question of course remains – with many advantages to each option, do you really need both?

Coupling a CCTV system, whether remotely monitored or not, with a modern burglar alarm gives you the best of both worlds. While an intruder alarm acts as a deterrent, the fact that alarms do go off unnecessarily from time-to-time means that they can be ignored by neighbours. Having a CCTV system in place too means that evidence of any crime is recorded, which can help bring those responsible to justice. A remotely monitored CCTV can also be a proactive deterrent should the alarm itself not be enough.

Likewise, a burglar alarm can be a valuable addition to a CCTV system because it offers an immediate (and loud) deterrent for thieves. Particularly if you have a large property, valuable possessions or run commercial premises, having a double layer of security offers invaluable piece of mind and protection.