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Andromeda Fire And Security offer an extensive range of access control solutions to choose from when considering the best option to secure your premises, Whether you are looking for pin, proximity or biometric based solutions we guarantee to be able to find a solution to suit your needs.


Standalone Access control

We can supply and install a wide array of stand alone access control solutions to suit your requirements. standalone Solutions are often the most cost-effective way of securing a small number of points within a premises as there is no large complex network structure controlling them. As the name suggests this type of access control system operates independently usually consisting of a power supply, magnetic lock and a means of releasing the lock predominately via a code, card or tag.

PC Based Access control

If you require a method of controlling access to many locations throughout a building or site a networked PC based solution may be best for you, it allows you to be able to control many points throughout your premises or site and you will be able to easily control each individual point from one or multiple locations providing a completely flexible solution to your needs.


We can integrate systems with the Intruder and Fire Alarms on site as well as machinery and other equipment. This allows managers and business owners to monitor who is entered the building and when, restricts certain users to certain areas or at certain times and can even be configured to only allow approved persons to operate equipment or machinery and can ensure that doors are released upon activation of a fire alarm.