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Our Access control and entry systems make use of the most up to date equipment and technology to provide a way for you to safely and reliably communicate with persons who do not normally have access to your protected area. The most common system to provide this type of security is the standard intercom system. The systems generally comprise of a connection from the point of entry to the protected area and is controlled from inside the protected area by a user.

We can provide a wide range of solutions to suit any size of system from small single door systems protecting your office or driveway gate to large more complex systems protecting offices and private accommodation.

Over the years and with advances in technology video entry systems are becoming more and more common place as an added layer of security. This allows you to have a visual confirmation of anyone trying to gain access to the protected area.

Wireless intercom systems are very similar to the traditional phone and intercom system. The main feature of a wireless system is that it allows for the user to be mobile and allows for a greater flexibility in the working environment within the protected area as a fixed receiver is not a necessity.